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Pet Identification

Many California disasters necessitate instant evacuation. Imagine that in the wake of a disaster the human family members make it, but the family pet cannot be evacuated because it cannot be found. Pets sometimes evacuate themselves, by bolting. Reuniting pets with their human families becomes a major task in the aftermath of natural disasters, and pet identification assures reuniting. Pet identification should be a part of every family’s evacuation plan before a disaster strikes.

Perhaps it is not a California disaster that breaks up your family unit. Your pets may slip out a door or bolt from their yard out of fear; perhaps while traveling with your pets they are separated from you accidentally. Again, pet identification should be a part of every family’s plan.

Microchipping is an identification system for recovery of pets. A microchip is implanted under the pet’s skin via a simple procedure performed by a veterinarian (the chip lasts for the entire life of a pet). The microchip is then registered, and information about the animal implanted with the chip is kept forever. The microchip under the skin can be "read" by a universal scanner, and the pet can be traced to its owners. The pet’s microchip has an identification number that fits only one family in all the world.

See your family pet’s veterinarian to arrange for pet identification today!