It's About Pets

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The joy of pet ownership also brings responsibility. As a responsible pet owner, I WILL:

A void making an impulsive decision about getting a pet. I will learn about and carefully select a pet suited for my home and yard, and my lifestyle.

A dhere to local ordinances including licensing and leash requirements.

C ontrol my pet for its own safety.

H ave my pet spayed or neutered, or take responsibility for my pet's offspring.

K eep only pets for whom I can provide a pleasant and safe environment, adequate food and shelter, and companionship. I will be a responsible caretaker throughout my pet's life.

D o my part to help solve animal control and overpopulation problems.

P rovide regular health care as recommended by my veterinarian including rabies vaccination and other inoculations.

C lean up after my pets and appropriately dispose of their waste. I will prevent my pet from being unnecessarily noisy or aggressive.

P rovide identification for my pets by using I.D. tags or other means.

I will respect the living environment.