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Benefits of Pet Ownership

People benefit from the companionship of a pet, whether it be dog, cat, fish, bird, or one of the many other choices. Our pets keep us company and eagerly greet us when we arrive home from a busy day. We love and learn from our pets, and they love and learn from us. The bond is deep. This relationship is known as the human-animal bond.

Living with pets, or even being visited by them in a care home, helps us to be healthier, happier people. The human-animal bond is built on strength and love with each member of the family.

California ’s veterinarians are uniquely aware of the uniting and unbreakable bonds between pets and their owners. If you have questions about your pet’s health or behavioral interactions with others, please call your veterinarian.

If you are seeking information on the relationship between an owner and a pet, here are a few of the important resources for information on the human-animal bond:

The Latham Foundation. The foundation is concerned with the well being of children and adults as well as animals. Latham Plaza Building , Clement and Schiller Streets, Alameda , CA 94501 . Phone: 510-521-0920 , fax: 510-521-9861 ;

The Center for Animals in Society is concerned with the health and welfare of animals nationally and internationally. University of California at Davis , Veterinary Medical School , Davis , CA 95616 .